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How to travel safely with kids

Margie Brill of My Springfield Mommy

Memorial Day weekend kicks off vacation season for a lot of families. For most of us, we focus on where we will be going and what we will be doing once we get there.  How often do we stop and think of family safety away from home?  I was lucky enough to speak with Wade, a police  officer at our local station, who was more than happy to jot down a few of his ideas and share them with us.

When asked to come up with some ideas to make traveling with children simple and safe, I had to reflect on my own traveling days, with 3 kids, from Illinois to California. I can assure you that it was never simple, but I do recall many things we did as parents to keep our children safe, comfortable and occupied during the 30 plus hours on the road. Keep in mind that there is no fail safe way of keeping your child safe during travel, but always remember that ‘chance, favors the prepared’. And that’s where we begin.

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