Happy Grandparent’s Day!

Grandparent’s Day is Sunday, September 8, 2013. We want to send big bear hugs to all the amazing grandparent’s out there who never seem to run out of hugs and kisses for their families.

Helen has worked at World Bearquarters since 1998, and she became a grandmother last August when her first grandson, Colton, was born. He just celebrated his first birthday, and Helen has fallen in love with being a grandparent. She says being a grandma is definitely the best thing ever, especially to a sweet boy like Colton who is an excellent baby and rarely cries.

Colton’s first Build-A-Bear Workshop stuffed animal was a Sweet Velvet Teddy with his name, birthday, and weight embroidered on its tummy. He loves to give it hugs and carry it around. The first furry friend Helen made for Colton was a giraffe to go in his jungle-theme nursery. It’s stuffed with lots of love!


When Helen joined the team at Build-A-Bear Workshop, her daughters, Danielle and Michelle, were just 10 and 8 years old. Danielle and Michelle were both members of the first group of Cub Advisors, which is a group of kids who give feedback and opinions about new furry friends and fashions. They grew up as Build-A-Bear Workshop grew into a worldwide company, and now Danielle’s son will also grow up with Build-A-Bear Workshop.

This Grandparent’s Day, Helen looks forward to spending the day with Colton and his parents. How will you celebrate your day?

Leave a comment to wish Helen a beary happy Grandparent’s Day!

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6 responses to “Happy Grandparent’s Day!

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  • Mary Deeb

    Helen, have a beary happy Grandparent’s Day! I agree with you that being a grandparent is a wonderful thing…..I now have 4 grandkiddies and another one on the way!

  • Bonnie Lalande

    Congratulations Helen… there’s nothing better than being a grandparent. I have two granddaughters 7 & 1, can’t hug them enough ! Emily’s birthday is this week & she asked for a 1 Direction Build a Bear (shhh already have it).

  • Yolanda Lomeli Medina

    Happy Grandparent’s Day! I have SIX granddaughters and another granddaughter due in November. I get each a bear on their 1st Birthdays and they buy more outfits and accessories on subsequent birthdays. I love the outings to Build A Bear just as much as they do!

  • Sue

    It’s great being a gramma with such beary exciting friends for us to adopt with our grandkids, be they boys or girls. My 5 year old grandson loves to come to the store to bathe his bear and pick out new outfits. I’m sure , Helen, your grandson will enjoy his visits too. Happy grandparent’s day!

  • Stacy Domagalski

    Awww- made my day when i saw this Helen!! Miss you;)

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