Exclusive: An Interview with Cody Simpson

Hey, mates! About a month ago we asked you to send in your questions for our pawsome brand ambassador Cody Simpson, and boy did we get some great questions! Now, if you’re already a fan of  Cody and his music, you probably know that while he has two albums already, his third album will be released July 16, titled “Surfers Paradise”. Makes sense since he often says if he wasn’t busy being a musician, he’d definitely be surfing. Not only is he a talented young pop star who’s been writing and singing since the age of seven, he’s also very passionate about the anti-bullying project Defeat The Label, which is a movement that promotes a bully-free society. And we think that deserves a round of applause. On top of all that, a brand new Make-Your-Own Cody Simpson Koala arrives in Build-A-Bear Workshop® stores June 28, 2013. Keep reading to see what Cody had to say.

What artist inspired you growing up?

Jack Johnson has always been a huge inspiration. His influence is evident in my beachy and mellow music.

How long does it take to do your hair?

Not too long surprisingly. Just need my hair gel and a few minutes to get it right.

Who’s your favorite superhero? Why?

I think Superman. Flying would be pretty cool.

Do you get stage fright, and if so, what is the easiest way to get over it?

Before I start a tour I get a bit nervous but once I hit the stage and feel the overwhelming rush of the crowd the nerves dissipate quickly.

Hey Cody! I’m almost 15 and I still hug my teddy bear at night. Do you have a teddy bear?

I don’t anymore but my brother Tom has a massive collection.

I know you’re on tour right now, the Paradise Tour. What are you enjoying most about being on tour?

Being able to connect with my fans in a different city every night. I also love traveling the world with my family and friends.

What’s your favorite thing about your fans?

Their undying support and love. They’re the reason this journey is possible. Love you guys.

What would be your favorite place to visit in the whole entire world?
I’d love to visit Italy. I got to tour Europe recently but missed Italy, I think it would be fascinating.

We know you’re beary busy, so thanks for visiting with us, Cody!

Thank you guys!

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