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Exclusive: An Interview with Cody Simpson

Hey, mates! About a month ago we asked you to send in your questions for our pawsome brand ambassador Cody Simpson, and boy did we get some great questions! Now, if you’re already a fan of  Cody and his music, you probably know that while he has two albums already, his third album will be released July 16, titled “Surfers Paradise”. Makes sense since he often says if he wasn’t busy being a musician, he’d definitely be surfing. Not only is he a talented young pop star who’s been writing and singing since the age of seven, he’s also very passionate about the anti-bullying project Defeat The Label, which is a movement that promotes a bully-free society. And we think that deserves a round of applause. On top of all that, a brand new Make-Your-Own Cody Simpson Koala arrives in Build-A-Bear Workshop® stores June 28, 2013. Keep reading to see what Cody had to say.

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Wish Jason a beary happy father’s day!

Meet Jason,  a Sr. Service Desk AnaBEARlyst at World Bearquarters. Jason is a husband, a pastor, and has been a bear for six years, but the role he is most proud of is “Dad.” Shortly after he began working here, he and his wife had their first daughter, Kelsey. She has grown up coming to the office, even taking breaks from daycare to visit Dad at work. Jason’s younger daughter, Nia, has also spent a lot of time at Bearquarters.

Jason’s girls inspire him every day.  Having daughters who adore their furry friends motivates Jason to work hard because he knows they love what he does. Seeing the joy they get from their bears makes it all worth it.

2013-5-23 Jason Brya#50915C

Kelsey and Nia love that their dad works at Build-A-Bear Workshop. They tell all their friends and have fun making the latest bears. They were able to attend the Grand Opening of our new store design in St. Louis. Their favorite part? Definitely Fluff Me. The touchscreen bath was a huge hit with these two!

On a typical day, Jason will come home to find his girls have lined up their favorite furry friends and are playing school. Their friends make pawsome students!

Wish Jason a beary Happy Father’s Day!

Jason B., Sr. Service Desk Anabearlyst
Kelsey, age 6
Nia, age 4


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