Meet Debby and Sarah

At Build-A-Bear Workshop, we know families are beary important! Debby and her daughter, Sarah, both work at World Bearquarters in St. Louis. Debby has been a bear for 12 years. When Sarah was younger, she came to work with her mom to help out. Sarah had lots of fun working with her mom and enjoyed the unique environment. Sarah joined the company as an associate nearly 8 years ago!2013-4-16 Sarah T-Debby B-6

A lot has happened over the past 12 years! Debby now has 2 grandchildren, Sarah got married, and has a 5 year old! Now that Sarah’s married, she has a different last name. People are saying to Sarah and Debby, “I had no idea you were mother and daughter! That’s so cool!”

They both have only positive things to say about working at the same office. Although their jobs don’t overlap much, they enjoy being able to see each other most days and eat lunch together now and then. As an added bonus, they get to see a whole other side of each other by witnessing skills and abilities they wouldn’t have otherwise known about. For instance, Debby says she loves that she gets to see what a smart and capable daughter Sarah has become. She says Sarah makes everything she does look easy, including major events.

It doesn’t stop with Sarah and Debby. Sarah’s son, Austin, loves making bears at our stores, especially at our newly imagined store. And her dog, Cooper, has been coming to the office since he was just 10 weeks old.

Debby B., Manager Bear Services
Sarah T., Events and Recognition Bear

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About Molly Saunders

I am a bear in the Digital Dept at Build-A-Bear Workshop. I work at World Bearquarters in St. Louis, Mo. View all posts by Molly Saunders

19 responses to “Meet Debby and Sarah

  • Breque

    Ok i think you made an error, instead of “eat” lunch you typed, each, i found that silly, do you think you can edit this?

  • lashan

    thanks so much!!! happy mothers day!!

  • Mary Kate

    That’s so nice

  • Kim Milliner

    Happy Mothers day to you Debby & Sarah. Enjoy the day!!!

  • Remona Burrows

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Debby & Sarah and all of the mothers on your staff. Almost seven years ago when I was faced with a difficult in my life i fell in love head over heels with my furry friend. i consider him my bear son. is name is Pco and i do travel with him as he has his own passport. People don’t know how we met and how he makes me feel, but i love my furry son Pco. Thank you, for having a GREAT place such as Build-a-Bear. however, i was informed that your store in the Sawgrass Mills in Forida closed out. Where can i find another store? Thankyou. Remona.

    • Molly Saunders

      Hi Remona,
      We completely understand the amazing qualities a furry friend can have, that’s why we do what we do. And I am so happy you shared your story here. Happy Mother’s Day! To find the store nearest you, no matter where you travel in the United States, know that you can always visit our website and click on Store Locator on the top of the page. For now, you can click here and either enter your zip code or search the stores in Florida.
      Come back and see us soon!
      Hugs, Molly

  • Brandy Walleshauser

    What about Molly and Jill, they are a mother daughter duo working at Bear Headquarters?

  • Nancy Sipocz

    Happy Moms Day ❤ Nicole & Nanci from Windsor, Ontario, Canada

  • Isabella

    Happy Mothers Day!! 💖

  • DeeCee

    Happy Mothers Day Ladies !!

  • Benny rector

    Hey I was in your greenville store today and I brought my mom and wife in to your store and I would like to thank your employees for there help we left and u took my mom home with her bear and asked her when we got her home if she liked the beat and it broke my heart when this 73 year old told my that she loved it and told me that it was her frist teddy near ever she had never had one not even when she was a child thank you every much for that and this makes my wife’s 13 build a bear lol

    • Molly Saunders

      Hi Benny,
      Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! We here at Build-A-Bear know very well that you are NEVER too old for a furry friend, and this story confirms that. I will happily share it with our Greenville Team. I am so glad that we could be a part of this Mother’s Day memory. Come back and visit us soon! Every bear needs a little fluffing and air bath every now and then, and we would love to see you!

  • Cynthia Johnson

    Happy Mothers day.

  • heather berzal

    happy mothers day my son is in love with his fury friend my whole family is going on a cruise including “zb” with all his clothes and suitcase and suitcase chair just need to get him his passport they even have matching clothes they are best friends and they both got me a mothers day gift

  • vanessa arredondo

    wishing you a wonderful mother’s day.

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