DIY Hanukkah Gift Wrap

by Caitlin Noblitt, Social Media Intern Bear

Hanukkah starts December 8, so to get ready we thought we’d share a simple way of personalizing your gifts by making your own wrapping paper. It’s a great craft for all ages. I especially like that doing this craft with children shows them how the gift-giving process is equally as fun as receiving. This craft can also be adapted and personalized for the person who is receiving your gift, by creating or painting special designs on the paper, using ribbons, by tying a candle onto the top or even attaching a bag of gelt for the children. We picked up a Star of David cookie cutter with which to make our wrapping paper. Celebrate the Festival of Lights by giving your friends and family a gift wrapped from the heart!

DIY Hanukkah gift wrap - 


 Supplies you'll need for Hanukkah wrapping paper


–          Blue acrylic paint

–          Large sheet of paper or recycled paper grocery bags, cut open on all seams to lay flat

–          Hanukkah cookie cutter or foam sponge

–          White ribbon (optional)

–          Scissors

–          Tape

1. Cut down one side of the grocery bag down and then cut the bottom of the bag off. Recycle a paper grocery bag for wrapping paper2. Squeeze your paint on a paper plate. Make sure to spread the paint to accommodate the size of your shape.

Squeeze out paint onto paper plate                                             set cutter into paint to coat stamping side

3. Begin stamping onto the paper in whatever pattern (or non-pattern) you like best. We let the paint dry for 2 hours before using, just to be safe.

Using cookie cutter or sponge, stamp your own gift wrap this year!

4. Wrap your gift as you would normally. We put a white ribbon and a Star of David gift tag to complete our gift!

Make your own wrapping paper using a recycled paper grocery bag

It’s that simple! Let us know what you think about this craft by commenting below. We truly appreciate your feedback!

Another fun twist to personalize the prints on your paper is to make your own stamps. Get sponges at the dollar store, draw a shape on them when they are dry and cut them out using a craft knife or scissors. You can use a stencil or just draw free-hand, just remember that bigger bulky shapes work the best.

How are you celebrating Hanukkah? We’d love to hear how you spend the holiday!

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