Be thankful pine cone craft

by Caitlin Noblitt, Social Media Intern Bear

Do you ever feel like the true meaning of Thanksgiving gets lost in the craziness of decorating for the holidays? This pine cone turned turkey craft will help your kids reflect on the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Display these pine cone turkeys in your home throughout the month of November to help remind your family what Thanksgiving really means. These turkeys are easy to make and you’ll have them finished in no time at all!

Turkey Pinecone Craft


Thanksgiving Pinecone craft supplies

–          Pine cones (two for each person)

–          Craft Bond: All Purpose Glue

–          Wiggly eyes

–          Craft pom poms (2 per turkey)

–          Cardstock of various colors

–          Markers

–          Scissors

–          Ruler

1. We started by cutting out the strips to write down what we are thankful for. Measure the strips to be 1 inch wide by 3 inches long.
turkey pinecone craft step 1

turkey pinecone craft step 2

2. Write down what really means the most to you! Our little guy felt most thankful for food, family, and toys.

turkey pinecone craft step 3

3. Cut out a small diamond and fold it in half to make the turkey’s beak. Then glue this along with two wiggly eyes on a craft pom pom to form the head. Make two of these.

turkey pinecone craft step 44. Trace your participant’s hand and cut it out. This will be one of the turkey’s feathers! Write, “I am thankful for…” on this hand.

5. Take your craft glue and put everything together. Glue a head and the cut out hand on one pine cone. Give the other pine cone a head and use the strips of paper to make its feathers. You can even give your two turkeys a tail by gluing a pom pom on the back of the pine cone.

turkey pine cone craft step 5

The finished product should look like this! If you want a more colorful turkey, you could choose different colors of cardstock and pom poms. Leave a comment if you made this craft and where you displayed the turkeys in your home. Happy Thanksgiving!

turkey pine cone craft messages of thanks

Here are some resources we found that have great Thanksgiving crafts for kids and families:

There are so many unique ideas for all ages of crafters at The Crafty Crow Thanksgiving crafts.

We love these Gobbling Turkey Apples from Make and Takes!

And of course, what list of crafts would be complete without some furbulous ideas from Martha Stewart? We especially thought these Boat Place Cards and Cornhusk Dolls were absolutely delightful!

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