A safe place to play online for all ages!

We know that a lot of bullying amongst teens and tweens has moved from the classroom to the online world. As Bullying Awareness Month comes to a close, we wanted to talk to one of our Bearville experts to find out how we keep Bearville, our virtual world, a safe place to play for kids of all ages.

“One of the ways we keep children safe in Bearville is with a very detailed Admin Tool, “ said Joy, Interactive OpBearations Manager, who has been involved with Bearville since it opened in 2007. “It allows us to see chat logs, trades [between players], inventory [of players’ accounts], etc. It allows us to quickly and correctly make decisions on whether or not a guest in Bearville is acting appropriately.” near Sports Plex

But what should you do if you or your child comes across a bully in Bearville?

“We teach our guests in Bearville to Stop, Block and Tell. When you see someone bullying or you are bullied, first stop communicating with that person. Then, block them from your friends list so they can’t communicate with you. Finally, tell a trusted adult which is our Bearville Patrol Team. The best way to alert our Bearville Patrol Team to kids who aren’t behaving properly is to report them through the game. This way we are sure to have the correct Bearville account name and the time it happened,” she said.

To report someone, double-click on the avatar  to pull up the menu and select Report. “You must select a reason for reporting a player and then give us a detailed description of what happened.”

Fall Cub Condo in

There are multiple steps we can take to show the bully that we will not tolerate their behavior in Bearville, one of them being a three-strike system where the final strike means they’re out. Under the FAQ there is a section called Report a Player FAQ, where players can learn more about how a report takes place, when they should report a player and how false reports are bad for everyone. They can also visit Parents can go to  to learn about how to keep Bearville safe for everyone.

“Another GREAT way for parents to keep their children safe is to play in Bearville with their kids!” Joy explained. “It is a fun place for the whole family to play.”

But it’s not all serious all the time in the Bearville Den where Joy works. There are always new games, events, parties and new friends to meet! “I’m a big fan of Halloween so I really like Bearville’s Kooky Spooky Fun House!”

Kooky Spooky Fun House in

Be sure to stop by the Kooky Spooky Fun House in!

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