The perfect snack for picky palates

I recently stumbled across this amazing little gem of a snack and once I tried it, I knew I had to share the wealth. I’m going to call these Sweet & Salty Crunch Bites. You can technically eat them in one bite, but they last longer if you try to eat them in two.

All you need are…two bags of little white chocolate pieces wrapped in foil. You’ll also need a bag of those square pretzels. I have heard that other chocolate pieces just don’t taste the same as these white chocolate ones. I haven’t tried any others yet for myself, but I would have to agree. I think it’s probably because the white chocolate has more sugar than any other kind of chocolate, so it perfectly matches the salty crunch of the pretzels.

Lay the whole pretzel squares out on parchment or waxed paper on a big cookie sheet. This part is great for the kids because (after they wash their hands, of course) they can dig into the bag and treasure hunt for the unbroken pretzels.

perfect snack for picky palates

Meanwhile, another child (or two or three) can be helping to unwrap all of the chocolate pieces to get them ready to put on the pretzels. Once they are all laid out like the picture below, pop them in a relatively warm (about 300 degree) oven for a few minutes. They only need to be in there until the chocolate gets shiny, or when you can place a pretzel on top and it easily squishes (that’s a technical term.)

delicious snack for picky palates

Pull them out and have the kids hurry and pop on a bunch of unbroken pretzel tops. You can let them cool on the counter or, if you are interested in eating them quickly, place the tray in the freezer for five minutes.

Tah dah!

sweet & salty crunch bites in 15 minutes

These almost make me want to plan a party just to see all the smiles they bring. I had lots of picky eaters test them (even one who doesn’t like hot dogs or bacon! I know!), and all of them wanted more.

What little party dishes are your favorites?

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2 responses to “The perfect snack for picky palates

  • Nancy Aikman

    Sounds yummy! Our seven year old granddaughter is coming over this weekend and this will be a great project for us to make. We love baking together. Since we are going to Florida in a few days, this will be a great snack to take with us….if there are any left!
    Nancy A
    St. Louis, Mo

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