How to make a duct tape flower pen

by Molly Saunders, Digital (Craft) Bear

You’ve probably heard about the duct tape craft craze sweeping the nation (I know, I know, I just had to use that phrase, been saving it for years.) These are virtually indestructible crafts and these flower pens can be great gifts for teachers or for adding some pizazz to a world filled with gray. See how easy they are to make!

Make a duct tape flower pen!

Supplies for flowers:

Two rolls of duct tape (1 for flower and 1 for stem/leaves) or 1 roll and 1 sheet (I used a sheet because I couldn’t find the color I wanted in a roll)

One leftover ball point pen (mine has a lid but that’s not necessary)

Exacto knife/scissors (exacto knife is optional if you have small children around, but I found it much easier to use than scissors)

Self-healing cutting surface/ruler (cutting surface is again, optional, but I found it much easier and faster than scissors and a ruler.)

All the supplies needed to make a duct tape flower pen


1. Cut a 4 in strip of duct tape just wide enough to cover the pen (mine was about 1.5 in), then wrap it around the pen to make the stem of the flower. (I also left room at the end for the cap to go back on without pushing up the tape, but this is completely optional.)

cut small piece to cover pen

roll piece of tape onto pen leaving room for the cap

2. Cut as many 8 in strips of the second color as you can fit on your work surface. Cut them into 2 in pieces.

roll tape onto mat and use knife to cut every 8 inches

cut the tape into two inch pieces

3. To make the petals, fold down the corners of the duct tape pieces to make something resembling a house.

fold over corner of duct tape

house shape of duct tape for petal of flower

Then start wrapping the pieces around the pen, building on them to make them look like petals of a flower.

start wrapping the petals around the stem or pen4. Continue to build on the petals, adding as many as you wish until the flower is the size you want it to be.

center of duct tape flower after one petal

as you add petals the flower will get bigger around

*I found it easiest to cut a bunch of 2 in pieces and to have some petals ready so I could be more efficient.

lots of petals ready to go for duct tape flower5. Once your flower is as big as you want it, cut a small piece of the stem/leaf color to cover the jagged bottom of the pink. You can also make cut little leaves if you want, but I kept mine clean for writing purposes.

cut a small piece of stem to cover ragged edge and make leaves of flowerOnce you are finished, your writing block might magically disappear! These make great gifts and once the pieces of tape are cut they are a perfect craft for kids. What have you made with duct tape? Let me know if you like this craft and I’ll share more like it!

finished duct tape flower

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