Back to school shopping!

By Angela Roy of Mommy PR

My kids just got out of school June 21st and even though they don’t start for another month and a half, we have already started our back to school shopping. Thankfully, my girls are like I was and love school. This is my youngest daughter’s first year but she has been begging to go with her big sister for two years now. Prekindergarten was so filled up, we were on a yearlong wait list. So now that kindergarten is here, she is in full force and so excited to start going to school.

These last few days we have been school shopping on- and off-line. I love to find deals, steals and unique products for them. This year we grabbed a bunch of clothes from Crazy8 & The Children’s Place because they had 50-75% off sales. For shoes we found Payless had a $10 off $25 coupon code that could be used with clearance items (code 73809 online). We ended up getting four pairs of shoes for the price of two! Shoes are my youngest daughter’s favorite thing to shop for and it’s clothing for my oldest, so this actually ends up being an easy thing since we can sit at home and decide who gets the coupons without fighting.

School supplies can be a hassle and expensive if you wait till the last minute. I choose to grab two backpacks from Totsy before school was even out in May. Totsy sells name brand products at discounted prices so we saved almost half by purchasing them so early. I also grabbed coats at the end of season sales in February for this year. I just grabbed 1 size up and nabbed coats for less than $5 each. A ‘cool’ unique product we snagged were their pencil cases. Instead of the usual clear box (usually only 97 cents at Wal-Mart) we choose to splurge on this one. Pencil boxes can be mixed up and easily lost around our kids. We picked up a super cool Mario pencil bag and a Cookie Monster pencil bag at

Lastly, all we needed were the main ingredients: paper, folders, pencils and crayons. When I heard Wal-Mart was having their usual sale of almost everything under $1, we quickly jumped in the car and grabbed them up. I don’t even have the list of what’s needed yet, but with my luck, everything will be double the price by the time I get the list. I’m usually better off grabbing everything early! I was able to get glue, pencils, crayons, paper, and folders all under 50 cents each. Some items were even less than 20 cents each! My husband said we have enough for 2 years’ worth- but at least we have it! We did pick up a lunch bag there too, along with some reusable containers for the inside of the lunch bag (Eco friendly!).

A few not-needed-but-fun extras we bought: Crayola Tower of Crayons, Bath & Body Works Shower Gel & Lotions (our store had them for only $1.25, perfect size for kids too), and a mani/pedi to end it all.

Wherever you decide to shop, make sure you check out RetailMeNot for great coupon codes or printable coupons. You never know how much you could save when combining a good coupon with a great sale. It will make back to school exciting for both you and the kids. They get the styles they want, and you get the savings you love.

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