Our Relationship with SKECHERS

By Molly Saunders, Digital Bear

As our Chief Executive Bear always says, you can never have enough shoes. That goes for furry friends, too. We have s been crazy about shoes since we opened our doors in 1997. But our selection of stylish kicks got a lot more fun when we began our partnership with SKECHERS® in 2000.

“Why partner with SKECHERS®?” you ask.

“When smart partners get together and do great things, they reap even greater results,” said Teresa Kroll, Chief Marketing Bear. “[SKECHERS] believed that having stuffed animals wear their shoes was great promotion for them and understood that it could be a win for us both.”

In fact, SKECHERS® was the very first company Build-A-Bear Workshop partnered with.  And it turned out to be a huge success. Since 2000, we’ve sold more than 3.8 million pairs of SKECHERS® shoes for furry friends. That’s a lot of happy feet!

We have had SKECHERS® Twinkle Toes™ for a few years in our stores, and now we are beary excited to be able to offer SKECHERS® Hot-Lights™ and Twinkle Toes Bears. The same thing kids love about the shoes is the same thing they’ll get from the plush.

“Kids that shop at Build-A-Bear Workshop love to wear their own SKECHERS and they love to have their bears wear them, too,” said Felicia Taylor, Senior Manager Partnerships Bear. “Now it’s even more fun because they can have a furry friend that lights up just like the shoes they love!”

About Molly Saunders

I am a bear in the Digital Dept at Build-A-Bear Workshop. I work at World Bearquarters in St. Louis, Mo. View all posts by Molly Saunders

One response to “Our Relationship with SKECHERS

  • DrRus

    Hey Molly!

    Thanks for the update on Skechers and these bears are absolutely paw-some! I have a feeling they will be added to our collection soon! They will also make a great addition to General Sarge HQ too!

    All the best!
    Dr. Rus

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