What does friendship mean to you?

by Maricris from Zensible Mama

When I permanently moved here to the US nine years ago, it meant leaving family and friends behind. It was like going to school for the first time and not knowing anyone at all. Everyone is a stranger and everything looked and feel either awkward or odd. But most of all, it was lonely.

But thank God I immediately found friends who soon after became my second family. If it weren’t for them, my first few months in the US would have been dull and boring.

There was one particular person who made a whole lot of difference in my life here though (besides my husband). She was a true friend. Her name is Ozzy. Unfortunately, she has gone back to Indonesia and I rarely hear from her now. Like me, she is busy with life, work and family. But back then, we were inseparable.

Ozzy and I instantly became friends. Maybe being both Asian was what drew us to each other. We immediately bonded and truly enjoyed being together. She drove me around, took me to cool places and even introduced me to Indonesian cooking that I came to love! She made me feel at home and made me know I have a friend in her that I can rely on anytime. She was a blessing!

Now we have this unique event that happened to both of us that made our friendship a lot more special. Call it coincidental but it was pretty special to us. For years, she and her husband was trying to get pregnant. A few months after I met her, I got pregnant! She was quite happy for me and she made a joke about having me rub her belly to give her the gift of pregnancy, kinda like pixie dusts or magic touch I guess. But I did comply!

And voila! Whatever it was, she was pregnant the next month! My daughter was born in April, her daughter was born in May. She always tells me then that I was her lucky charm! Me, I was just happy that I have a friend like her and I was lucky in that respect.

Her friendship was nothing short of a blessing! It was priceless.

Which friend made such valuable impact in your life?


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