Memories of Beary Old Friends

by Angela Roy from classifies a friend as “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.”

In that case, I think I could call my husband my friend, my kids, my dog, and even many of my facebook friends.

But, I want to go way back to the early 90′s for this one. I was in the 5th grade I believe. Wild child and knew everything right?  I was a more quiet kid, I liked school, and I had friends in every clique. But I had one friend that I don’t think I will ever forget. She was someone I never separated with. If she was in a class, we found a way to end up in there together. Finally, teachers just got the hint and we were seated together everywhere. After school I would help her to her bus, and then we would spend the weekends getting into as much trouble as we could in her golf cart. She was something else. We talked boys, music (she was really into Jimmy Buffet, and I just discovered Amy Grant & Micheal Jackson) , and gossip.

I remember my mom thinking she was bad influence on me because she found out we watched scary movies. The scary movie- Stand By Me. Best movie ever, but I guess at that age and time, everything seemed scary.

We moved when I was going in the 9th grade and it killed me. I tried to look her up years later but to no real avail. Facebook proved to be a dead end also. I always knew she had a life threatening disease and was wheelchair bound, but she was just full of life then. I never seen her for that aspect, I always just remembered a smile and her telling people not to baby her. She lived every day like anyone else and I think that’s what drove me to want to be her “beary” best friend. Plus she gave me rides on her chair, the teachers hated that haaa.

I have heard from others that she’s still around, and just knowing that, is enough for me to smile. I’m hoping shes still in that golf cart “tearing up someones yard”doing 8.5 mph.

Do you have a Beary Old Friend Memory?

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