Milford: Chief Executive Dog

One of the things that make World Bearquarters (BQ) so unique is that we are a corporate office that allows four-legged friends to come to work. On any given day we could have as many as 10-20 dogs in the office. They are all pretty well-behaved and usually stay near their owner, either on a leash or in a gated area. But there is one dog that has been here since the beginning, a pioneer pooch, if you will. Meet Chief Executive Dog, Milford D. Krueger. Milford started coming to BQ when he was just a little pup – under 10 pounds. Now, at almost 100 pounds, he is definitely a full grown dawg. He sat down with me and answered a few questions from some of my fellow bears.

Hi Milford, thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to speak with me. I know you’ve held your position for a long time, but before we get to talking about the present, tell me, what was your first day of work like?

Scary. Before I came to BABW, I was abandoned and people weren’t nice to me, so I went to stay at a place called the City Pound. I made a lot of friends there, but had to live in a cage. Then, I went to a place called an adoption fair and my Mom and Dad found me. When I found out I was going to work, I wasn’t sure what to expect at this big building with yellow walls. But it ended up being full of really nice people. Back then, it was just me and one other dog, so it took a while to train all the people to keep treats in their drawers. And now there are lots of dogs around here – we have a dog gone good time! It’s been a great 10 years!

What exactly is it that you do all day? Could you tell us a little bit about your typical day at the office?

Well, mostly I try to make the bears that work in our office (people) smile. I have a big comfy bed that is right outside one of the important meeting rooms.It’s called “Muckety Muck” and they have fancy meetings in there sometimes. I go to lots of meetings with my Mom (sometimes they get a little boring so I jump up and down until someone takes me out just to get a break!) And lots of times the big people bring in their little pups and I get to play with them. It’s actually a really fun place to come, but I am really pooped at the end of the day!

Since you started working here, lots of dogs have joined your ranks. How do you welcome newcomers to BQ?

There’s a lady named Darlene that is in charge of people, and she and I worked up a letter that tells all the new pooches what the rules are. Like stick with your human (who has to clean up your you-know-what when you go outside), don’t bring any fleas to the office, you can’t go in the food room because people don’t like hair in their lunches. And it’s better to sit and shake than to bark and growl. Stuff like that.

Milford, if you weren’t Chief Executive Dog, what other path do you think you would have chosen in life?

That one is pretty hard. I can’t even imagine what it would be like not coming to work. I hate it when my Mom has to go on a trip and I can’t go to BQ. But last year my Grandpa was in a place called a nursing home because he couldn’t live in his house anymore. So I would go with my Mom and visit him and a lot of other people that lived there. It was fun to have them all pet me (I tried to get them to scratch my back which is the best) and see them smile. So I guess I would have tried to be a nursing dog.

And finally, the question on everyone’s mind, what do you do when you’re not working hard at BQ?

I make sure that Molly and Maddie, the cats that live at my house, don’t eat my food. I make sure that the bunnies stay out of Mom’s garden. I talk to my pal, Buddy, the dog that lives behind me. I sit on  the red couch and look out the window to see who is walking down our street. (I’m not allowed on the green couch when Mom is looking). And sometimes, I check on my friends on my Facebook page. (Well, it’s Mom that has to do the typing for me but it’s me doing the talking!) My all-time favorite thing to do is to lay on the hill in my yard and just smell the air. It reminds me that I have a pretty darn good happy life.

Milford, thanks again for your time. I look forward to our future meetings together!

If you have a question for Milford, please post it below. Milford has graciously agreed to do his best to periodically answer your questions in future blog posts. Look for more Chief Executive Dog blogs, right here on Behind the Seams!

-Molly Saunders

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I am a bear in the Digital Dept at Build-A-Bear Workshop. I work at World Bearquarters in St. Louis, Mo. View all posts by Molly Saunders

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