Friends Count: good friends make the world go ’round

by Candy Tai from

friend – \ˈfrend\

1 : one attached to another by affection or esteem
2 : a favored companion

So, that’s how Merriam-Webster defines the word “friend”.  Here’s how I define it:

Oh, how I do love these lovely ladies whom I’ve become so very close to.  And although a couple of chicas are missing from this pic, we all make it a point to get together very regularly and nurture our friendships.  We meet weekly to watch The Bachelor and eat, drink, and laugh our way to good times!  I love that being around these ladies makes me want to be a better friend, mother, wife, and WOMAN!  I can laugh and cry with them, sing in front of them, share my greatest triumphs and sorrows with them.  You know you’re close friends when you receive a top of the line eye cream for your 37th birthday and the both of you bust out in laughter and hugs!  My friend knew it was such a perfect gift and exactly what I wanted!

What I’m getting at is that Friends Count!  Whether we’re talking about the friendships our kids make or our relationship with our spouse, or even the friendships between our closest girlfriends — a good friend is someone everyone in the world needs.

And no one knows about friendship more than my wonderful friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop!  That’s why I’m beyond ecstatic to join them all year long as one of their “15 Friends for 2012”!  Build-A-Bear Workshop is celebrating their 15 year anniversary and is honoring the gift of friendship even more than they do already!

image from

I will hopefully be able to bring you some of the exciting things they have in mind as part of this wonderful celebration.  I know that for me, I value their friendship just as I do my own personal friendships.  So, join me in celebrating great friends everywhere because Friends Count!

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