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Teacher Appreciation Day printable ‘Thank you’ cards

Do you remember your favorite teacher? Why did you love them so much? Maybe you are really lucky and you have more than one favorite. I have one favorite teacher. I first met her as my 4th grade teacher, when half of my class was in 4th grade and the other half was in 5th grade, we called it a 4th/5th grade split. But I was extra lucky, and I got to stay with her in fifth grade, too. I know the reason I love her so much isn’t because I was with her for two years; it’s because she truly shaped the person I am today.
colored pencils
Every single day I hear at least one of her wonderful pieces of advice floating through my brain, “Never assume,” “Never use ‘most’ or ‘more’ and ‘-est’ or’- er’ together in the same sentence,” “Irregardless is not a word,” “’A lot’ is two words!” But most importantly, she gave me confidence. I was not the most popular student in grade school. I was self-conscious about my red hair and glasses. I was fine with my freckles, but I had a stain on my front tooth. Even though I smiled a lot, I always kind of figured the person I was smiling at was looking at my stain and not at me.

Miss Dunkelberg taught me to own all of that. She showed me that I was smart, and that I knew what I was doing, so I should stop second guessing myself and just do it. Most of all, she valued me for me. She saw that I was a quirky 10-year-old who loved to imagine I was on adventures far more exciting than my regular school day, and she let me use those in my assignments. After a couple of instances, she got used to me coming to class dressed like a cowgirl because I was comfortable in the outfit, not because I was practicing for Halloween. When I asked if I could do something different with an assignment she had given to the class, I was sure she would say no, but she didn’t. She said yes! I learned that all I needed to do was ask for what I wanted. “If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.”  The wisdom she so willingly shared with my ten-year-old self remains today. Miss Dunkelberg was truly the best teacher I have ever had, and I know that I’m not the only student who has felt that way about her. Of course I didn’t stop learning about myself after 5th grade, but she helped me see my own potential for awesomeness, and I now know that’s exactly what I needed in order to grow.

National Teacher Appreciation Day is on May 7. Last year, we asked teachers what they wanted most from their students. It was no surprise that all of them said the best gift would be a meaningful “Thank you” from their students and the parents of their students. So we went to our creative team and came up with some printable “Thank you” cards that you can print out, decorate, sign and give to the educators in your life that you appreciate. Think about your own teachers that you currently have or your children’s teachers, but don’t forget about those teachers that made a difference to you when you were growing up. Imagine how it would make their day to receive one of these sweet notes from you in the mail. What a great way to truly thank them, by showing that you remember and really appreciate the effort they made to connect with you when you were younger.

Here are the cheerleader cards.

Here are the penguin cards.

Who were the teachers that made a difference in your life? Tell us about them in the comments below.

How to make a decoupage egg

by Molly Saunders, Digital (Crafty) Bear

How to make Keepsake eggs

Since I was little, I’ve been making and decorating blown out eggs for Easter. Because these are such a beautiful keepsake, I wanted to share the simple how-to’s with you.  Then, you and your family can start a tradition or just be the coolest chick on the block with your eggs you can keep all year!

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Free online magazine for kids!

Be sure to check out our brand new Cubazine this month!

It’s packed with activities, crafts, and fun stuff to do. Check out the Valentine’s Day box made from a Cub Condo!


Get it here!

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Click the image above to get it!

cubazinefront January2013_coverJanuary2013_cover

How to grow paperwhites – a winter flower!

by Molly Saunders, Digital Bear

This is an activity my brother and I did with our family every winter when I was growing up. This was the first year I grew my very own paperwhites. These are great because they are SO SIMPLE and grow really fast. They’ll breathe new life into your home during the cold time of the year when everything outside is not so vibrant. Most instructions I’ve found online make this process seem too difficult with too many steps and not enough pictures. So here are some easy ones for you and your family to follow.

1. Here is what you’ll need:

Bulbs – paperwhite narcissus (from a big hardware/garden center, or your local hardware store, sometimes these are more fragrant.) There are now different varieties, some that smell a lot and some that hardly smell at all, so if you get them at a smaller hardware store they will probably know (and have on hand) the different varieties.

Rocks (I always get mine from a dollar store – 3-4 bags will work, unless you have a huge container and tons of bulbs)

A container to grow them in – I like the more shallow dishes, but these can be very hard to find and honestly, the one I used I inherited from my pops. A glass vase with a wide bottom works fine too, or any other kind of planter you have that doesn’t have a hole in the bottom of it.)

supplies for growing paperwhites

These are the supplies to grow paperwhites.

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DIY Hanukkah Gift Wrap

by Caitlin Noblitt, Social Media Intern Bear

Hanukkah starts December 8, so to get ready we thought we’d share a simple way of personalizing your gifts by making your own wrapping paper. It’s a great craft for all ages. I especially like that doing this craft with children shows them how the gift-giving process is equally as fun as receiving. This craft can also be adapted and personalized for the person who is receiving your gift, by creating or painting special designs on the paper, using ribbons, by tying a candle onto the top or even attaching a bag of gelt for the children. We picked up a Star of David cookie cutter with which to make our wrapping paper. Celebrate the Festival of Lights by giving your friends and family a gift wrapped from the heart!

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Be thankful pine cone craft

by Caitlin Noblitt, Social Media Intern Bear

Do you ever feel like the true meaning of Thanksgiving gets lost in the craziness of decorating for the holidays? This pine cone turned turkey craft will help your kids reflect on the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Display these pine cone turkeys in your home throughout the month of November to help remind your family what Thanksgiving really means. These turkeys are easy to make and you’ll have them finished in no time at all!

Turkey Pinecone Craft

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Top 10 things to do before October is over

October is almost over! Here are the top 10 things you can do on our blog and Facebook page before the holidays are truly upon us.

1. Bear Me App – Turn yourself, and your friends and family, into School Cool Bearemy by visiting our Facebook page and clicking on the Bear Me app at the top of the page. You can add adorable fuzzy bear ears and glasses to any photo, from your computer, from your Facebook albums or from your friends’ profile photos. Tell us what you think! (Pssst… a new holiday version is coming soon!)

2. Pumpkin Pops – Learn how to make pawsome pumpkin cake pops from our furbulous summer intern Caitlin.

3. Pumpkin Carving Stencils – If you haven’t already carved your pumpkin, it’s not too late! Print out one of these kooky spooky stencils to make your neighbors green with envy on Halloween!

4. Octobear is our birthday month! – This year we turned 15. Find out how Build-A-Bear Workshop began and the girl who helped start it all!

5. Pawsome Pinterest – Don’t furget to visit us on Pinterest for family-friendly crafts, recipes, gift ideas, games and activities for when it’s raining and when the sun is shining!

October is Bullying Awareness Month, so…

6. Don’t furget to Take the Pledge! – Visit our Facebook page (click the link on the left) to take the pledge against cyberbullying and a cool badge will appear on your Wall! (Scroll down to find the police officer bear.) Be sure to share it with your Facebook friends to show how we can truly make a difference by being kind online.

7. Huggable Hero Interview – Read about ways parents and kids can become involved in anti-bully campaigns from our very own 2012 Huggable Hero Ceilidh.

8. Bearville.com safety – Find out how we keep our virtual world beary safe for everyone and be sure to visit Bearville.com for the last days of the Kooky Spooky Fun House!

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10. Comment and let us know what you think below. We’re a company with heart and we appreciate your feedback, especially if it’s just a quick ‘hello’!

See you in November!


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